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10 facts about Lithuanian national selection 2018

A few weeks ago Lithuania‘s national broadcaster LRT announced the guidelines of the upcoming national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Here are the main aspects of the rules:

    • Deadline. Artists and song writers have to submit their entries until December 1st. The organizers of the selection will pick the best entries until December 5th.
    • Format. Artists who apply without a song will be offered to choose a song submitted by song writers.
    • Participants. Artists must have the citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, yet song writers can be both from Lithuania and abroad.
    • Numbers. No limit was set for the amount of participants in the national selection, therefore it is unknown how many songs will be performed in the shows.
    • Songs. Every song must be 3 minutes long, unreleased in any format or performed publicly until 2017 September 1st. Additionally, the submited songs cannot be performed in any other country‘s national selection show.
    • Evaluation. During the shows, participants will be evaluated by both jury and television viewers.
    • Voting. If during the show several performers will score the same amount of points, the jury’s rating will be more important.
    • Wildcard. LRT will have the right, but will not be required to give the dropped participant a chance to return to the selection.
    • Support. Part of the funds collected from the televoting will be devoted to the preparation of the Lithuanian representative for the Eurovision.

More details will be revealed by the national broadcaster in December, together with the list of participants.

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